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Greetings from WaterWorld! 

WaterWorld is a training organization, authorized training branch of Emergency University CA USA and leader for lifesaving training under the Royal National Lifeboats Institution UK. Since 1999 it has been training people in aquatic survival, safety and swimming skills. 

WaterWorld primarily was developed for training people in basic swimming sport and watermanship training. Over the years it has grown with credible training programmes from aquatic lifesaving, basic life support, advance first aid, lifeguard skills and lifesaving sports. We have seen a big need for our training in the development of rural and youth segment and through our collaborations and network of trainers we aim to achieve a larger coverage with our services in capacity building and training in India. The aim is to reach all the districts with our focus primarily in lifesaving sports development through phased skill development in CPR, First Aid, survival swimming, lifeguard training and Water Safety Management. We will be putting efforts to create sustainable projects and supporting youth groups having capacity to train, develop and use rescue equipment. 

WaterWorld conducts CPR, AED, First Aid, Survival Swimming, Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sports training. It trains at its swimming centers at Pune and partnered clubhouses, where swimmers/non swimmers are introduced to lifesaving skills in aquatic environment. WaterWorld training centers conform to the following features: – 

•        Qualified instructors to train beginners and competitive swimmers.

•        Training for children/adults in Water Safety, Aquatic Survival and Lifesaving.

•        A clean, well equipped & hygienic center with modern safety measures & lifeguards.

•        Guidance in health & exercise to make one a better swimmer and a fitter person.

•        We also assist in extending swimming training to the differently abled.

We endeavor to be the most appreciated and dependable training organization.

 “Our aim is to build a community of lifesavers through lifesaving sports and reduce the burden of drowning through constant endeavors to educate the people by reaching the farthest and deepest part of our country in the spirit of good health, safety of life and sportsmanship that values life without discrimination”

THE KNOWN SCENARIO in india - 83 people died everyday from drowning 2018

(Source : ADSI 2020)

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