Emergency University USA-Online

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We are happy to have you here and to know that you would like to learn first aid skills online.

First Aid skills come very handy for our own safety and for helping any person in an emergency. It is advised that you take the courses at your own pace and with complete dedication to learning the skills with accuracy once you begin with the skill courses.

As a member, you will be provided with an LMS access on Emergency University website with available free courses. Once a member, you may select the courses that you would like to take and start your learning journey, the respective form is available below.

All courses are accredited, verifiable and provide instant certification on your mailbox post successful completion.

Members interested to join WaterWorld Academy as Affiliate Coordinator for your area/ city/ state (community, club, group, college, schools, fitness centre, sports centre, skills centre etc) may fill the form below or write to [email protected] (Process & Benefits will be discussed personally).

Join in the Training Mission for Safety

Best Wishes & Happy Learning!